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Library Resource Center

Library Collection:

The library is well equipped with variety of Books .It has 12211 Textbook and reference books. Library has good collection on Marketing Management, Financial Management, Information Technology Management, Operations Management, Human Resources Management, International Business Management, Supply Chain Management, Rural & Agribusiness Management, Banking and Insurance Management, Entrepreneurship Development; Retail Management Libraries also have good collection on General Reading, Marathi and English literature. The Library collection comparing of books, Journals and other reading Material are as follows.

Total Library Area 171.6 Sq.Metr.
Total Number Of Books 12211
Total Library Area 171.6 Sq.Metr.
Encyclopedia Rare Collection 04
Journals & Periodicals 28
CD/DVD 195
E-Journals-J-Gate 6777 full Text
Newspapers 06

Library hours:

Library Timing:
Working Hours of the Library
On working days(Monday To Friday) 09:00am to 5:00pm (8 hours)
On Saturday 8.30 am to 1.00 pm(4,1/2Hours)

Library is open on all working days except Public and national Holidays.

Library Rules and Regulation:

Sr.No. Library Rules/Instructions
1 Keep your luggage/bags at property counter before entering the library.
2 Students should make an entry in the Readers Open Access Register.
3 Books are Issued to the students on his/her Readers Card only.
4 If Readers card/Id lost, then apply to Director/Librarian for New Readers Card.
5 Do not bring any eatables in the library
6 Maintain Silence in library.
7 Your attitude must be library oriented
8 While leaving switch off fans, tubes etc .Save energy is responsibility of each and every individual.
9 In case of book loss, the borrower should apply to the director and return the latest editions of the same book.
10 We use the OPEN ACCESS SYSTEM; therefore don’t change the arrangement of books on the shelves.
11 Current Journal or Periodical will not be issued; These can be read only in library.
12 Switch off mobile phone or keep on silent mode in library.


  1. While entering in the reading hall readers must register their name in the register.
  2. Show your Identity card on demand by the library staff.
  3. If identity card is misplaced or lost students must inform to librarian and give application in writing otherwise students will be responsible for it.
  4. Please keep silence in the reading hall.
  5. Books, Magazine /journal and Furniture should be used carefully.
  6. Mobile Phones are not allowed in reading room.


  1. Library will be open from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm.
  2. While entering in the library the students must have their identity card.
  3. Each student will be issued three books at a time for two weeks only, a fine of one rupee per day charged in case of late returns.
  4. Books should be returned in proper condition, otherwise cost of book will be charged as a fine.
  5. Do not handover your Library reader’s card and ID card to anybody, if lost immediately inform librarian.
  6. Check the book carefully while issuing.
  7. For any inconvenience contact Librarian

Library Committee:

AIMBA Library Committee: The Library Committee makes recommendations on matters of library policy, including services, collections and budget etc.
Members of the committee:
Prof. Dr. B. M. Londhe Chairman
Prof. Dr. S. K. Nimbalkar Member
Prof. D. B. Wackchaware Member
Kum. Shweta R. Gunjal ( HR CR) Member
Kum. Rashmi A Singh ( FIN CR) Member
Kum. Aishwarya Surag (UR) Member
Mr. Najir Pathan (MKT CR) Member
Kum. Manjeet Longani (CR Div A) Member
Kum. Nikita Jagtap (CR Div B) Member
Mr. Akshay Bankar (CR Div B) Member
Mr. Akash Dhamdare (CR Div A) Member
Shri. C. B. Kahandal (Librarian) Secretary
  • Library Committee is formed of Director, Faculty Members and Students & Librarian.
  • Committee frames the rules/regulations.
  • Committee frame the library rules which are not rigid but are flexible and suits the needs of the readers.
  • Committee checks recommend and approve materials to be acquired.

Facilities and Services:

The library has a key role in supporting the academic activities of the institution by establishing, maintaining and promoting the following library facilities and information services.
Book Circulation Open Access Facility
Reference Service 24 x 7 Hours Reading Room Facility.
Referral Service Reprographic Facility
Current Awareness Service Internet Facility
Bibliography Service OPAC Facility
OPAC Service in Library New Arrivals Display
Reprography Service News Paper Clipping
Internet Service Online Journal Database


  • Library User’s Orientation to new enrolled Student
  • Students Whatsapp Group for information Sharing.
  • Displaying new arrivals book catalogue and Journals.
  • Instituting Annual Best library User award to students.
  • User Involvement in books selection.
  • Celebration Reading inspiration day 15 Oct,Vachan Prena Din 27 Feb
OPAC: Online Public Access Catalogue reflects the total collection of library. Our library is partially automated by using College Management software. OPAC is special service given by library to browse its collection with the help of computer. PAC service is provided within campus for Access. One can search the title by author, keyword, Publisher etc. Once the keyword is entered then get results of books.

Teachers & Students Corner: 2016/MBA_NEW_Syllabus_2016-17-17-6-16.pdf

Journal of Economic Abstracts

Political Science: ICSSR Journal of Abstracts and Reviews

ISID (Institute for Studies in Industrial Development)

World Banking Abstracts

Free e-books and e-journals are available online just click on the given link.

Important Web link for AIMBA Web-LRC

Sr. No. Address Description/Reference
1 Free online librray for Managers
2 Management Books
3 Management Books
4 Management Books
5 Leadership
6 Harvard University
7 Project Gutenberg offers over 57,000 free eBooks
8 PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. It is a continuously growing repository of free eBook