NAAC Accredited Institute

Placement Policy

About placement

The placement department brings about the synergy between the students & their mentors, who have exposure & access to the industrial avenues. AIMBA has on-campus placement process, which is supervised by the Placement Coordinator and coordinated by the students elected to the Placement Forum. Every year, the process is streamlinedas per convenience of students and recruiters. On the one hand, students are presented with an opportunity to leverage their relevant work experience and join companies at higher levels, and on the other hand, companies get to recruit students who could be inducted directly without intensive training. Companies visit the campus as per their respective slots. All infrastructural support required for the selection process of various companies is provided by the Institute.

  • Constant search for Job- Fit after due diligence as per student’s competencies.
  • At least 2 on & off campus placement opportunities for each student.
  • To Train Students so that they generate interest in the company (prospective employer) to hire them while they are on their summer internship projects (SIP).
  • Maintenance & enhancement of the Job Quality and Optimum Remuneration offered to the students.
  • Adequate soft skills, personality development training & testing of each student during Pre-Placement Process.
  • 360 Degree Feedback & Follow-up of each student post final placement for strengthening alumni base.

  • Placement: Rules and Regulations

    The eligibility criteria for students for placement assistance are mentioned hereunder:

    1. 75% attendance is a must for the students seeking placement assistance by the Institute.
    2. Only students with an excellent academic achievement throughout will be given placement assistance by the institute
    3. In value addition courses offered by the institute fetching distinction is a must for those seeking placement assistance by the institute.
    4. Every student should show his/her willingness to participate in placement activities voluntarily.
    5. Students are directed to go through the notices displayed time to time on the notice board and official e-correspondences.


  • Provide ample placement opportunities to Management Students
  • Professional standardization of CV of all students & build it up as a first showcase of student’s overall attainments.
  • Organize campus recruitment for the students with industries and business houses of repute from all over India.
  • Prepare students for campus recruitment by arranging training in Aptitude tests, group discussions, preparing for Technical and HR interviews through professional trainers.
  • Placement assistance to students who register for placement & aspire for corporate career commensurate with personal competencies.
  • Communicate company specific job descriptions & skill requirements to respective HOD & training dept.
  • To provide sufficient exposure, training & generate interest among students for Entrepreneurship.
  • Maximum assistance to students desirous of self-employment ( Entrepreneurship ) through professional Incubation guidance.
  • To enhance the placement activities of institute exploring the opportunity for Industry – Institute MOU’s.